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Developer, Data Analyst, Futurist, Multidisciplinary Nerd


Since 1995, I have worked in frontend, backend, and web service development; project management; product ownership; QA; DevOps; training; CRM; analytics; privacy; security; leadership; sales and marketing.

While working as help desk/support, network admin, and training, I attended DePaul University.

I lead DePaul's ACM student chapter "Computer Science Society" focused on career guidance, professional networking, and skills training for IT/CS students.

In 2000, I joined Acxiom (a security/privacy-centric organization managing marketing data for Fortune 100s) where I excelled at OO programming (Java/JEE, C#/.NET), Perl, PHP, Bash, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I built web apps and services to set up, schedule, monitor, and audit ETL / Customer Data Integration (CDI) via both GUI and through SOAP/REST; also building Windows tools to QA web apps.

In 2006, I increased my scope to begin managing software development projects, utilizing in MSF, PMP, and Agile/Scrum. I am a Scrum Certified Product Owner and CAPM.

Since 2008, I have been leading geo-distributed teams for websites, apps, and services; also acting as an architect and security/privacy advisor.

My team was successful in producing a significant on-going cost savings ($1MM+/yr) to the organization, improving the efficiency of our user base and enabling them to take on more client work.

In 2012, I was promoted to Senior Manager, leading a team of 20+ developers, architects, and BAs; and working with executives and architects to implement SaaS-based frameworks and marketing products. I was a product manager for CDI/MDM/CRM projects processing 5T+ transactions a month, and product owner for data center-agnostic app deployment and management software.

I worked with college recruiters at job fairs, mock interviews, and speaking engagements.
I've hired many developers, architects, project managers, and QA engineers.

In 2015, I joined Sandstorm Design to build their disciplines in marketing analytics, data management, and .NET dev. I lead a variety of web, mobile, CMS, and tech integration projects for professional associations; focused primarily in healthcare; including design, dev, and supporting HIPAA compliant mobile and web apps. Our work has won awards in marketing.

In 2019, I assumed leadership of the dev and QA team, and grew the team 2x during the pandemic.

I love solving client problems, designing architectures, analyzing consumer data, and writing code.

Specialties: Web app/service design, OO dev/architecture, MSF, PMP, Agile/Scrum, leadership, customer service, ETL, CDI/MDM, CRM, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Big Data, HIPAA, GDPR/CCPA, PCI compliance, COPPA/FERPA, sales, and digital marketing

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